BotCon 2008 Brochure Posted!

{mosimage}The official BotCon 2008 convention brochure PDF has been posted at! The brochure confirms dates, times, costs–oh, and there'll be toys, too! The main five six-figure "Shattered Glass" set will comprise "mirror universe" figures, where the Autobots are the bad guys, and the Decepticons are the heroes. The box will contain Optimus Prime, Jazz, Goldbug, Grimlock, Starscream, and "bonus Mini-Con Razorclaw," and of course there's even more swag for early registrants and those with a little extra cash to burn at the show. Attendees will also see the return of Casino Night, a fan-film festival, tours of Cincinnatti, and the usual special guests (to be announced), classes, and more!

BotCon 2008 will be held on April 24-27 in Cincinatti, Ohio. No word yet on when registration will be available. Check out all the BotCon 2008 details at, and click here for the direct link to the brochure! Discuss in Nevermore's thread.