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Hi – Here is a quick update from about a lot of very exciting new preorders and a variety of popular new arrivals:


DC UNIVERSE CLASSICS:  Mattel's awesome new series kicks off with very nice case of figures that contains:  2x Classic Blue & Grey Batman, 1x The Demon Etrigan, 1x Orion,  1x Penguin, and 1x Red Tornado.  We expect these to go quickly – our inventory levels are relatively low.  In stock now at $69.99

MACROSS 25TH ANNIVERSARY:  Yamato's brand new all-black 1/48 VF-1S and 1/60 YF-19 are now in stock at $164.99 and $199.99 respectively.  They come packaged in all-black themed boxes and are nicely done overall.

CARS MINI ADVENTURES 2-PACKS:  Six brand new 2-packs are now in stock starting at $6.99 per pair.  These are all-new molds of the most popular characters in Cars.  We also have a variety of mini playsets and the Drag Strip in stock here:

GENTLE GIANT DARTH VADER STATUE:  This cool new statue features Vader on one knee before the Emperor.  We have it listed $30 under MSRP at $169.99

BANDAI'S SAINT SEIYA:  We've received more Saint Seiya figures including: Aries Mu, Cancer Deathmask, Crystal Cloth Japanese Exclusive, Bronze 5-piece giftset and there are ~20 other Myth Cloth items in stock:

STAR WARS ANIMATED HAN SOLO & CHEWBACCA:  A nice new pair of statues from Gentle Giant.  These are each in stock at $69.99 and they can stand together to form a mini diorama.

ART OF SHUNYA YAMASHITA:   The new CoCoNa figure is now in stock for $54.99.  Yet another example of fantastic sculpting and beautiful subjects.

BOME VOLUME 26 – YANO TAKUMI'S AKIRA:  This leggy figure should stretch out nicely on your display shelf – in stock now for only $27.99

ANIMATED HELLBOY FIGURES:  Just in from Gentle Giant, this set features animated and animated movie versions of Hellboy along with Abe Sapien.  We have a few variants as well as the normal figures listed here:

DELUXE COLLECTOR 13" POWER GIRL:  Another great looking figure from DC, this one looks a bit top-heavy, hopefully she'll be able to balance under her weight on your shelves.  In stock now for $59.99

DARTH VADER DEATH STAR – TRANSFORMER:  This popular figure is back in stock at $54.99.  If you've not seen it in person yet, its quite a large figure and features electronic voices.

TAKARA CLEAR & BLACK HOT-ROD:  We were able to find a small supply of this cool exclusive from quite a few years ago.  The Ghost & Black versions of Hot Rod are in stock now at $89.99 each.

EVEN MORE NEW ARRIVALS:  A few other items just in today include Batman Black & White – Andy Kubert version,  Zombie Minimates – Iron Man & Black Panther, Back to the Future George & Marty Prom Minimates.


STAR WARS EVOLUTIONS – WAVE 2:  We have just received images of the new figures from Hasbro, and everything looks great!  Grab all 4 new Evolutions 3-packs for only $89.99 with our case listing, or they are $24.99+ singly.  Both the figure / theme selection and packaging are even better than the original Evolutions figures that came out during Ep3.

TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES:  NECA has done a great job sculpting this new series, we have single turtles up for preorder at $15.99 each, or save $12 and buy them as a set of 4 for $51.99.   Its great to see another older property revived with such enthsiasm.

INDIANA JONES – HASBRO:  We've recieved the okay to get these listed on the site again, the 3.75" figures are available as sets, singles, and cases, and we also have the Adventure Hero figures listed.  There will be a LOT more Indy product coming from Hasbro this spring, we'll list it all as soon as they give us the okay – many very fun items.

TRANSFORMERS MOVIE DELUXE:  Hasbro has just sent over images of the new Stealth Bumblebee and Salvage figures.  We have these available singly, as well as in a case of 8 along with a few other desireable figures – check them all out here:

SOUL OF CHOGOKIN – GX-40 GOD MARS:  This is a great looking new combining piece from Bandai.  Preorders have been listed at $239.99 – for this price you can expect a high quality, hefty figure.

SOUL OF CHOGOKIN – GX-41 & GX-41S RAIDEEN:  We have both the standard version at $99.99 and the upgraded DX version at $169.99 now listed.  The DX version appears to come with a variety of extra parts – images are listed here for both:

SOTA'S 18" PUMPKINHEAD – SUPER CLEARANCE:  Only $24.99 for the enormous Pumpkinhead figure.  We've found a killer deal on this item and are passing the savings on to you.   These were normally $69.99+ each so get one now at about 2/3rds off.

TRANSFORMERS ENCORE – OPTIMUS PRIME:  We have a restock in the works for the extremely popular Encore Prime.  This line caught a lot of people by surprise initially (including us!) so its great to be able to get more of them – reserve yours now at $74.99

TRANSFORMERS MOVIE ALL SPARK REPLICA:  The 1/4 Scale replica will be arriving to us very soon – preorders are open at $64.99 and this item was produced in a fairly limited production run – take a look here:

STAR WARS SAGA 2008 FIGURES:  Waves 1 through 4 have just been listed.  We have a variety of singles as well as cases available for order.  Hasbro is bringing back many of the most popular figures for this year's Saga run – check them out here:

HOT TOYS MILITARY:  Two new 12" figures have just been listed – the Navy SEAL Water Edge Operation MK43 MOD0 Gunner and US NSW Forces – Desert Operation Tiger Stripe BDUs MK43 MOD1 Gunner are each listed for preorder at $104.99 – check out all the detail here – very nice figures:

TRANSFORMERS MOVIE BUMBLEBEE:  Ultimate Bumblebee will be restocking soon at $99.99, and we also will have a few more of the exclusive 2-pack of 2008 and 1974 Bumblebee sets coming in fairly soon.  Check out all the movie bumblebee items here:

REVOLTECH FRAULEIN #3:  Asuka Langley from Evangelion joins the Fraulein lineup at only $19.99.   Another great looking figure from Kaiyodo, lets hope they can keep the Frauleins coming out as fast as the regular releases did:

STAR WARS BATTLE PACKS 2008:  We have early images of the new Hoth Speeder Bike Patrol and Battle on Mygeeto battle packs listed on the link below. Be sure to also check out the updated pics on 2008 Titanium and 2008 Vehicles – it looks like a good year for Star Wars.

TRANSFORMERS VOYAGER CLASS:  Hasbro has updated the color scheme for Blackout and Ironhide – we have images and preorders listed here:

SMALLVILLE KRYPTONITE JEWELRY & REPLICAS:  Three fun new items from Replica Props – items include Kryptonite Necklace, Kryptonite Key, and Phantom Zone Projector Bracelet.

LEGEND OF ZELDA – TRIFORCE NECKLACE:  This cool little necklace will only set you back 10 bucks – check it out at the link below.  One other bit of good news, Master Replicas will be making a variety of Zelda replicas in 2008 – should be fun!

EVEN MORE PREORDERS:  Saw Playing Cards, Serenity Shot Glass, Rocketeer Dark Horse Statue, Togainu no Chi, To Heart PVC, Da Capo, Shakugan no Shana, Clannad, Bearbricks & More!

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check out some of the many cool new items mentioned above.


Joel & The BBTS Crew