Voice Actor in Talks For Transformers 2

{mosimage} A new "where are they now?" article on BlackAmericaWeb.com has revealed a surprising tidbit about the sequel to this summer's astf.  Visit the link below or click "read more" to learn which voice actor may be playing a familiar character when our favorite Rock 'em, Sock 'em robots (not to mention Mojo and eBay user Ladiesman217) come back to entertain us again!

You can discuss this news in PiratedTV Pro's thread (again, spoiler warning!). 

BlackAmericaWeb.com has posted a "Where are they now?" article, which features Darius McCrary, among others. Some of you may know him better as Jazz from the 2007 Transformers movie, a character who was killed in the final battle with Megatron. Which means the following news may come as a surprise (or not):

Last summer, McCrary starred as Autobot Jazz in the 4th of July blockbuster "Transformers" and is currently in talks to return for the sequel.

Flashback, zombie? Will the script take a page from the Target G1 redeco of the Jazz toy, whose bio mentioned that Ratchet rebuilt him? How will our favorite jive-talking Autobot return?

You can see the full article here