Rejected G1 Transformers Names

{mosimage} "What's in a Name? That which we call a Rose by any other Word would smell as sweet." Well, as long as the other name wasn't "Sourball." According to Allspark member Jim S, that's just one of the many… unfortunate names suggested and rejected during the planning stages of what we know know as Transformers. In addition to Sourball (now known as Gears), the Marvel comic story bibles Jim has collected include such classic monikers as Muscles, Nose, Sniffer, Coolsville, Greasefinger, and–wait for it–Cool Hand Lube. Other names that were apparently suggested years before they were finally used include Fortress Maximus, Scrounge, Hot Shot, Guzzle, and more.

For the full list, including the corresponding final names of the robots who dodged those bullets, check out Jim S's thread.