New Packaging Images For FAB Fireblast Optimus Prime and Pulse Cannon Ironhide

{mosimage} Two more auctions on Asian Auction site–astf Fast Action Battlers Fireblast Optimus Prime and Pulse Cannon Ironhide! The auctions include several images of the toys, as well as the back of the packaging, so you can see the toy's features and read their bios. For those that don't want to squint:

Fireblast Optimus Prime: The Decepticons have been beaten on Earth, but Optimus Prime knows that they've got bases everywhere. After S7 shared their Mars data with him, he scanned this new camouflage and headed to the red planet hunting Decepticons.

Pulse Cannon Ironhide: Ironhide is the toughest Autobot there is! He's always armed to the grill and ready for a fight. In fact he almost hopes the Decepticons show up, because he's just mounted his new Pulse Cannon, and he's itching to try it out.

These figures are due out early next year, and will be joined by Sonic Shock Smokescreen and Claw Slash Ramjet. 

You can see the auction for Prime here, and the auction for Ironhide here. Thanks to TFW2005 for the links.