More Official Images Of Allspark Power Incinerator

{mosimage} TFW2005 have gotten their hands on some new images and the bio of astf Allspark Power Wave 2 Voyager Incinerator. Check out these large, clear images, and prepare to continue the debate about whether or not he has hands!

You can see the original report here, or we've mirrored the images in our gallery here!  You can also read the bio by clicking "Read more."


Since the end of the war and the destruction of MEGATRON®, more and more individual DECEPTICONS® have been appearing on Earth, chasing rumors that their leader still lives. Most choose to remain hidden from the AUTOBOTS® who have stayed behind to defend the world, but not INCINERATOR. He’s actively hunting AllSpark-enhanced AUTOBOTS, reasoning that one of them must know where MEGATRON is. When he catches an AUTOBOT®, INCINERATOR takes him on a little ride, swooping and diving dangerously, hovering over canyons and volcanoes, and generally terrifying whatever information he can out of his victim. When he’s done, he just finds the deepest hole he can and drops his helpless prey in.

Convert this intense DECEPTICON® warrior from raging robot to helicopter vehicle! Pull back the chopper’s lever to spin the dual rotors that become spinning battle blades when this awesome INCINERATOR figure is turned back to robot mode! By land or by air, this determined DECEPTICON soldier is ready to do battle!