Members Only: The Wreckers Finale Now Online

{mosimage}The Official Transformers Fan Club website has undergone a major update, with the publication of the long awaited finale to The Wreckers, which left its fans hanging years ago!  While the Allspark had previously published the text-only original script, Fan Club members are treated to some brand new artwork.  Here's the official press release from Fun Publications regarding the brand new content:

  As armies of Quintesson warriors march across Cybertron and a mad Predacon criminal begins his ascent into godhood, only the rag-tag group known as the WRECKERS can stop them! The thrilling end to the long-running saga, WRECKERS: FINALE PART 2 brings Autobots, Decepticons, Maximals and Predacons together in a battle for not just the fate of the Transformers' home world, but for the universe itself! Written by Greg Sepelak and S. Trent Troop ("The New World"), art by Guido Guidi (IDW, Dreamwave) and Drew Eiden (Fun Publications).

 You can discuss the news in M Sipher's thread on our forums!


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