“Meet The Spartans” Parody Movie Poster Featuring Transformers

{mosimage} We've known for a while now that a new parody movie coming out in 2008 would feature some jabs at astf, but now we have a title and a poster. Breaking the naming convention laid down by their previous projects (The Scary Movie series, Date Movie, Epic Movie), the upcoming film from Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer will be called "Meet The Spartans." The poster on display at impawards.com shows some of the targets of mockery, including such luminaries as Sanjaya, Dane Cook, Ugly Betty, Spider-Man (?), Ghost Rider, K-Fed, that loincloth dude from "300," and Megatron.  

Meet The Spartans is due January 25 in the U.S. Thanks to TFW2005 for finding the poster image, viewable here.