Interesting News About Classics 2.0/Universe & 6″ Titaniums

{mosimage}Our very own Optimus Prowl is reporting some bit of news concerning the upcoming Classics 2.0 / Universe line as well as the fate of the remaining unproduced 6" Titanium figures.  The news comes from Toyfare Magazine.

The article states that Classics 2.0 Waves will consist of five Transformers and that we will be getting a triple-changer, and a tank, as part of the first few assortments.  The article continues with a statement from one of the Transformers designers (in reference to future recolors) ''Where possible, I'll try and throw a new head sculpt in or change up the way the vehicle transforms in order to give it a different look."

Also concerning 6" Titaniums, particularly War Within Prowl and Grimlock Hasbro says "we are not planning to release these versions."

You can discuss the news on our boards.  Thanks to Optimus Prowl for the bit of news.