In-Package Images Of Animated Prime Cybertron Mode!

{mosimage} A new auction has been listed on eBay, this one for an in-package Transformers Animated Optimus Prime Cybertron Mode. Along with some good shots of the packaging is a photograph of the toy's bio. Needless to say, this isn't your typical Optimus Prime.

"As a team, we can accomplish anything." 

Despite having washed out of the AUTOBOT Academy, OPTIMUS PRIME is a natural leader. Trained to lead the bravest of the brave into battle against overwhelming odds, he eagerly looked forward to his first assignment. It's just too bad the DECEPTICONS were defeated ages ago, and the only crews left to lead are the maintenance squads that help keep the Space Bridge network running. Since his assignment, he has lost track of his ambitions. The last thing he expects is the chance to test his leadership abilities in a battle to defend his home and fight for freedom.

You can see the auction here, and discuss it here in Octavius Prime's thread. Thanks to TFW2005 for the link.