Don Figueroa Off Transformers Comics?

{mosimage} TFW2005 member Ktulu recently had a bac-and-forth with Transformers Artist Don Figueroa. Don mostly talked about his past work, but when asked about what he was up to currently, he revealed that he was "off" Transformers comics right now.

I'm actually off Transformers comics nowadays. I'm still doing occasional TF stuff for Hasbro, Botcon and IDW, but I really want to do other things now including a creator owned series that Harold Tietjens (AKA Hiro Prime) will be helping me on… I'm also helping out former IDW editor Dan Taylor with his own Mech-based series and I'm also hoping to work on another book soon for IDW, I'm doing character designs for it now. 

You can see the full interview here, thanks to TFW2005 for the link.