BigBadToyStore Newsletter & 28% Off Sale!

has sent out another email newsletter, announcing a "New Year's Sale" with a whopping 28% off all older items! Click "Read More" for the full newsletter text, browse BigBadToyStore for the 28% off deal, or just check out these newly stocked Transformers products:

Additionally, Joel thanks the BBTS customers for making 2007 their "best year ever," and promises more stock, more vintage items, and a new and improved catalog in 2008. 

Hi – Happy New Year from BBTS! – here is a quick update from about our year-end sale, some new preorders, many more new arrivals, and thank-you note for a great year:

NEW YEAR'S SALE – 28% OFF FOR 2008:   Bring in the new year with deep discounts on everything we carry that is not marked as 'new' or 'preorder / backorder' – Thousands of items are in stock and listed at 28% Off! Browse through your favorite menus and start saving.


ENCORE IRONHIDE & RATCHET:  The fifth and sixth releases in Takara's Encore line have just arrived.  They did a great job with the retro style packaging and the G1 box art.  Both are available now at $34.99 each:

VINTAGE DEPARTMENT:  The vintage department has been sorting through a variety of older listings and slashing prices 35% to 50% on most older listings!  We've briefly marked them as 'new' so they will appear on the handy list available using the link below.   There are 300+ discounted items available as well as some new vintage listings mixed in – check it all out here:

TRANSFORMERS MUSIC LABEL:  Spark Blue Soundwave and the new Black Soundblaster have just arrived – each is priced at $94.99.  The Spark Blue version was so popular the first time around that they had to go into a second production run.  Don't miss out this time, there likely won't be another run:

THE BIG LEBOWSKI:  The very cool new set of figures from Bif Bang Pow! has just arrived, The Dude and Walter are available as a set for $33.99 – these figures are fairly large, Walter uses so much plastic that the figure weighs in at several pounds.

SAINT SEIYA BRONZE BOXED SET:  The new Five Bronze Saints collection comes in a very nice matte black collector carrying case with handle.  This set features the Pegasus Seiya, Dragon Shiryu, Cygnus Hyoga, Andromeda Shun, and Phoenix Ikki Myth Cloth figures.  In stock now at $224.99

CARS – DISNEY/PIXAR:  The new Pocket Playsets have just arrived, the set of 3 playsets is available now at $34.99, and there are tons of other cars figures in stock as well including the large scale DJ, Mack Truck Playset, 1:55 Scale Die-Cast, Pit Stop Racers, Movie Moments & More

FLASH GORDON FIGURES:  Another set from Bif Bang Pow! – Flash Gordon and Ming the Merciless are available now for $29.99.   Both figures are well done and not widely available, so check them out here:

HOT TOYS MILITARY:  Two new arrivals include the Mountain OPS Sniper – both the Special Forces ACU version and the Navy SEAL PCU version.  Both are priced at $109.99 and come with a wide array of amazingly detailed accessories.

TRANSFORMER MOVIE FIGURS:  A variety of Deluxe, Voyager, Leader, and other movie figures are back in stock.   Also just in are the metallic versions of Voyager Megatron and Voyager Ratchet, and the Battle Damaged 3-Pack Exclusive – check out the full selection here:

YAMATO'S GN-U CYCLONE BRAIGER:  This new line of transforming bots is very nicely done.  The figures have gestault features and nice articulation. We have the Braiger listed at $25 under MSRP – check it out here:

CAPCOM GIRLS – POISON STATUE:  Just in at $64.99, the beatiful new Poison PVC statue has proven to be one of the most popular babes of the year, we are running low on our initial shipment – take a look here:

IRON GIANT STATUE:  This classic movie is still adored, yet there very little product in the marketplace.  This statue features the chest & head of the Iron Giant as well as a separate piece featuring the giant's hand and Hogarth – in stock now at $129.99

MARVEL MINIMATES:  Waves 17 and 18 have just arrived, we have a variety of sets and singles listed, check out all the new figures here:

CLOUD STRIFE & FENRIR:  The domestic supply of these figures has just about dried up, so we have stocked up for the future – Cloud Strife & Fenrir are back in stock at $54.99

TONS OF OTHER ITEMS:  We didn't have time to list everything that has arrived, of the hundreds of other new arrivals this week, the more mentionable items include:

Sports Picks NBA, Sports Picks NHL, Dragonar, Galactic Heroes Cinema Scenes, Sakura Wars Shooting Star, Marvel Zombies Wolverine Statue, NBX Spiral Hill, Revoltech Griffon & Mazinkaiser, VCD Tinkerbell, 20th Anniversary Prime, Creator's Labo #14 Arisa, Ikki Tousen, Ultraman Reborn 2-pack, 2008 Star Wars Boxed Sets, Han Solo Bobble Head, Re-Ment Display Kitchen, GI Joe 25th Singles, Speed Racer Minimates, Beowulf Grendel Bust, Milestones Magneto, XS-04 Eva, Beefcake Cartman, Marvel Magazine & Lead Figures, Elf Quest Busts, Pizza Elmo, Assassin's Creed, Devastator Classics Set, Various Doctor Who items, and much more


STAR WARS 2008 – WAVE 2:  Hasbro has recently released info about the next round of new figures for 2008, and its another great looking assortment. New figures for wave 2 include Imperial EVO Trooper, Imperial Jump Trooper, Maris Brood, Darth Vader, Rahm Kota, Shadow Guard, & Juno Eclipse.  The entire 2008 3.75" figure menu is available here:

INTERACTIVE R2-D2:  This 15" electronic interactive version of R2-D2 continues to be very popular.  Our next shipment is scheduled to arrive this summer and is priced at $104.99.  These never last too long so be sure to get your preorders in now

HOT TOYS MOVIE MASTERPIECE PREDATOR 2:  This is a limited preorder for the Battle Damaged version that is limited to only 1000 pieces for domestic distribution.  We can't get too many of them so get one while you can at $129.99

HOT TOYS – WARLORDS:  A new batch of 12" figures based on the upcoming movie featuring Jet Li is up for preorder at $144.99 each – these look to be nicely done and highly detailed

STAR WARS EVOLUTION – WAVE 2:  We don't have any images for these yet, but wave 2 appears to be an all-new set of figures including:  The Fett Legacy, The Jedi Legacy, The Sith Legacy, and The Force Unleashed.  The set of four is available as a case for $89.99, and they are also available

ICONIC REPLICAS – THUNDERBIRDS & MORE:  We've just started to carry the high-end large-scale items made by Iconic Replicas.  The properties represented are Space 1999, Thunderbirds, and Voyage to the bottom of the sea.  We plan to carry the rest of their smaller replicase as well in the future.


I'd like to personally thank you for helping to make this our best year ever, through your continued support we've been able to vastly expand our selection and keep those hard to find items coming in.

We have a variety of major website improvements coming in mid to late 2008 to make the shopping experience even better, and we look forward to being able to bring you an even wider selection of items in 2008.   We are currently working on cleaning up the catalog and removing all the sold-out listings, as well as working to restock as many of the sold-out items as we can.  This will take some time, but once completed, the site will be much cleaner and easy to navigate.

The Vintage Department is going to be doubling in size and listing many more loose & packaged vintage items, as well as a huge variety of packaged items that are out of production and generally 2 to 10 years old.  We've been ramping up our vintage buying and have a nice stockpile of great items just waiting to go up – look for increased listings to start in around a month.

Based on product previews from companies like Hasbro, it looks like there will be an amazing amount of very nice new product coming out.  We'll do our best to carry everything we can, and as always, please email us with requests to carry new product lines & list preorders for new items we may not have got to yet.  These requests are very valuable to us, and we will do the best we can to carry the items if they are available to us.

Thanks again for all your support!  We will continue to work as hard as we can to refine and improve both the website, and all the behind-the-scenes operations that are so critical to keeping your ordes arriving promptly, accurately, and in good condition.

Have a Happy New Year, and thank you for being our customer (some of you for 8+ years now!).  We truly appreciate the trust you place in us to help build your collection.  Its been a pleasure to work with you over the years, and we truly value your patronage.

Joel Boblit