Backcard Pictures for Big Daddy, Jolt, Grindcore, and Divebomb

{mosimage}Thanks to tfw2005 we now have shots of the cardbacks for these upcoming Wal*mart Allspark Power exclusives. The text is too small to read the bios but we get our first looks at their robot modes.

You can check out the pics in the ongoing discussion thread here.

*Update!* There's now a better image of the back of Big Daddy's card!

Big Daddy is more concerned with his paint job than any war that might be going on. You'll most often find him cruising the main drag of whatever town he ends up in, or hanging out at the local beach. When he does roll out, he does it slow, so that all the pedestrians can get a nice, long look at his sleek lines and killer chrome. He's got his own crew of robots to roll with. They stay out of the way of the rest of the Autobots and the Autobots stay out of theirs.

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Thanks to Bass X10 and Thylacine2000 for the tips.