Transformers To Be RiffTraxed!

{mosimage} Long ago, there was a television program about hapless humans forced to make the best out of being thrust in the middle of an interplanetary battle with other-worldly robots. The show was Mystery Science Theatre 3000, and they waged their battle to destroy the evil forces of cheesy movies.

But it's 2007 now, and it's time to look past that early, "Generation 1" version of MST3K, to a new "reimagining" involving Michael Bay. Don't worry that the designs look a little different–it's still the same basic idea. Michael "Mike" Nelson, Kevin "Tom Servo" Murphy, and Bill "Crow" Corbett have been selling downloadable MST3K-style audio commentaries called "RiffTrax" for a while now, and their home page now announces that their next target will be none other than astf.

Look for the Transformers RiffTrax to be available for download very soon at for $3.99. Thanks to Allsparker FortMax for the news!