Transformers Raise Opinion Of GM, Cars Out-rank Humans

{mosimage} When word of the agreement between GM and the minds behind the astf reached the fandom, there was initially some hostility towards the marketing scheme. However, according to new market research and the Hollywood Reporter, such feelings were apparently short lived. The data suggest high numbers of participants (92% in the case of Bumblebee) agreed that the GM vehicles matched the Transformers' characters.

Also revealed was that the Transformers themselves ranked higher in appeal to the human characters! Bumblebee came out the winner here with 94%, and Prime followed with 91%. Sam and Mikaela came in with 83% and 82%, respectively.

Lastly, the research also shows that opinions of GMs vehicles rose due to the movie. The Pontiac Solstice rose 144%, while the Camaro rose 72% and the H2 and Topkick increased by over 65%. These numbers, however could not be proven in actual sales or Web traffic.

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