Allspark Gallery update 11-21-07

{mosimage}The fur is flying in the galleries for this update!  Beast Wars galore, starting with Japanese BW Reissues TM-SP DX Convoy and TM-SP DX Megatron!  

Check them out, then head through our other galleries as
we fill out the rest of the 
Japanese BW sections.  

Here's the breakdown:

TM-SP DX ConvoyTM-SP DX Megatron

JBW D-7 Shadow Panther
 | JBW D-2 Skorponok

BWII C-19 Tonbot
 | BWII C-14 Tazmanian Kid | 

BWII C-22 ScissorboyBWII C-18 Powerhug | 

BWII C-16 Flash Lioconvoy