Upcoming TakaraTomy Releases!

{mosimage} TFW2005 is reporting that they have received information about future TakaraTomy astf figures from various sources. The list that they have compiled is:

January 2008
MA-19 Landmine (2500 Yen)
MD-22 Incinerator (3500 Yen)
Screen Battles SB-01 First Encounter (3500 Yen)
Screen Battles SB-02 Final Stand (3500 Yen)

February 2008
MA-20 Arcee Black Version (2500 Yen)
MD-23 Stockcade (2500 Yen)
Screen Battles SB-03 Desert Attack (3500 Yen)
Screen Battles SB-04 Capture of Bumblebee (3500 Yen)

March 2008
Classics C-01 Convoy (3500 Yen)
Classics C-02 Megatron (3500 Yen)
Classics C-03 Bumble (2200 Yen)
Classics C-04 Starscream (2200 Yen)
Trans-Scanning Bumblebee (3800 Yen)
Trans-Scanning Optimus Prime (4200 Yen)

Moreover they have heard word that the Allspark Power figures will include a mini Allspark Cube and that the Trans-Scan toys feature snap-on Protoform armor!

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