Transformers 2: More, Much More Than Met The Eye?

{mosimage}Visual Effects Supervisor Scott Farrar spoke with Sci-Fi Wire about the upcoming sequel to astf, and promised the follow-up would "improve" on the original in terms of visual effects. Some choice quotes:

"I think what we're going to do is get faster and know our problems sooner and quicker. And then, of course, I know Michael's always thinking about new, crazy actions. And we're open to that… It was difficult and, I think, laborious, and I think we learned a lot by the end."

He also had this to say about the dramatic potential for the sequel, and its recently announced June 2009 scheduled release date:

"I think the commitment is not to just chuck out a sequel. The commitment is—and this makes us really happy here—that it's a deep story. There are lots of layers to the story of all these Decepticons, everybody. And so they want to really keep the characters rich."

Check out the full interview on Sci-Fi Wire.