Transformers 2 Leaked Treatment Is Real… But Unused

{mosimage}Over the weekend, a 13-page document purported to be a story treatment for Transformers II hit the internet, and naturally, all hell broke loose in the fandom. The ambitious alleged treatment included scenes on Cybertron, more backstory on the Allspark, rifts in the Decepticon ranks, and of course, huge action-packed battles in major U.S. cities. It was dated 10/02/2007, and the author's name was blacked out. Officially, the document was quickly denounced as a fake, via producer Don Murphy. However, speculation and discussion continued.

We will not be linking to the treatment itself, but feel it is important to recap some information that may either stimulate or stifle some of the speculation. On Sunday, Nelson of Michael stopped by TFW2005 to offer this cryptic comment:  "What I can say is that treatment wasn't a fan concoction. Take it as you will." Naturally, that only piqued more interest. Next, it was discovered that the last two characters of the alleged author's name were visible on one page of the script, and that the name of the newly added screenwriter Ehren Kruger seemed to fit both those final letters, and the size of the blacked-out area. 

Today, Nelson posted on the Allspark, seeming to put most of the questions to bed: "[The treatment is] fake as in it's a treatment that won't be used? Yes. Real as in it was not a fan who wrote it? Yes." In other words, the treatment was written by someone in the industry (possibly Kruger), and may have at some point been under consideration as the basis for the sequel… but as of today, they're not going to use it.

To discuss the treatment, and see Nelson's post as well as the Photoshop tests on the author's name, check out Master Fwiffo's thread.