Store Exclusive DVD Pack-Ins, Sales Wrap-up

{mosimage} As you may well know, it seems like every store that will carry the astf DVD will have it's own exclusive item(s) to go with the DVD. We have compiled a list of the stores that will have exclusive items, and what those items will be. So choose wisely when you go DVD shopping this coming Tuesday!

Click Read More to see the list. As more information becomes available, we will update the list when necessary.


Best Buy:

Best Buy will offer the single and 2-discs sets, as well as a special 2-disc set with Robot Heroes of Movie Cliffjumper and Battle Damaged Prime (limited to a minimum of 10 per store, $29.99 each). Additionally, they will have exclusive metallic editions of Voyager Ratchet and Megatron. These figures will be $20 each, but purchasing the DVD will get you a $5 discount on them. Purchase of the DVD will also get you a free lithograph featuring Movie Megatron. There still more! Buy the Movie along with the Transformers Movie video game and get a $10 gift card.


Blockbuster will offer a free 128MB MP3 player with purchase of the DVD. The MP3 player will be silver with a darker silver Autobot symbol. There are limited quantities of the MP3 player in each store.

Circuit City:

Get a free gift card with purchase of the DVD, the card also provides access to exclusive web content. UPDATE: The first 20 people to purchase the DVD on Tuesday will also receive a Black hat with a grey Autobot logo on the front!

FYE/Suncoast/Sam Goody/Coconuts/Wherehouse:

These stores will offer a version of the DVD that comes in a steel case.


Wrapped along side the DVD will be a small, silver LED flashlight with an Autobot symbol on it. UPDATE: This exclusive will reportedly also be available at KMart stores.


Target will be offering the 2-disc set in a special transforming case, on sale for $24.99. They will also have a sale on the "Evolution of a Hero" Bumblebee figure two-pack; they'll be $15.99 for the set. Also, purchase of the regular DVD and the Bumblebee figure set should get you a $5 gift card.


Walmart will be offering a set of DVDs that included the regular release of the DVD along with a DVD of an "animated" prequel to the movie. will also be offering a sale on Ultimate Bumblebee, along with a free TECH toy with purchase of the figure.


Borders will have an exclusive making-of booklet bundled with the 2-disc special edition.


Customers who buy the DVD during the midnight release party will receive a reversible beanie cap with a faction logo on it.

Fred Meyer:

Purchase of the DVD will net you a black t-shirt with a grey Decepticon logo on the front.

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