New BigBadToyStore Newsletter: 20% Off & Repainted Classics!

It's time for another BigBadToyStore Newsletter! Today's entry announces a new 20% sale through Saturday on all older items, and also a bit of potentially welcome news for us Transformers fans:

We've also just learned that they plan to update the paint versions of the [Japanese Classics] figures to better reflect how they looked in G1 animations.  We are digging for details… but there is not anything concrete available yet.

Interesting news indeed, and we'll certainly follow that as it develops. In the meantime, check out these great Transformers items at BBTS, and click "Read More" for the full email.




Hi – Here is another quick update from about a huge new batch of 100+ preorders, many more new arrivals, and a sale!

20% OFF SALE:  Save 20% on everything except 'New' and 'Preorder' items from now until Saturday October 20th throughout our entire website.  Thousands of items are on sale so be sure to take a swing through your favorite menus and take advantage of the savings.


TRANSFORMERS ENCORE:  Takara just announced that Sky Lynx will be part of the Encore series, and they also threw Jazz (Meister) into the mix.  We have preorders for each listed at $89.99 and $34.99 respectively – we can't wait to see who will be next in the reissue line.

STARGATE ATLANTIS – SERIES 2:  Diamond Select has just released info about a new set of 5 figures including:  Dr. Rodney McKay, Field Ops Teyla, a Wraith Queen, the limited Field Ops McKay, and Athosian Teyla.  We have this set priced well below MSRP – $20 off at $59.99

TRANSFORMERS JAPANESE CLASSICS:  Takara will be releasing the Classics line domestically in Japan, if you've missed out on any of them this is a great chance to fill in your collection.   We've also just learned that they plan to update the paint versions of the figures to better reflect how they looked in G1 animations.  We are digging for details (especially on Megatron – who would look awesome in gray & black), but there is not anything concrete available yet.  We'll update the site as we learn more. Up for preorder now are Megatron, Prime, Starscream, and Bumblebee.  More classics will be listed soon as we receive info.

RESIDENT EVIL 4 – HOT TOYS 12"  This new line of high-end figures looks completely awesome.   Hot Toys will be bringing us 5 different figures at $144.99 each including:  Leon, Leon RPD, Krauser, Mutant Krauser, and Chainsaw.   We have early partial images of these figures, but given the recent quality of everything Hot Toys has done, these should be fantastic.

MUSEUM REPLICAS:  MARVEL, 300 & MORE:  We will now carry all the cool licensed replicas produced by Museum Replicas.  Up for preorder are Iron Man 1:1 Helmets, full 300 Spartan outfits including Cape, Vambrace, pearhead, Necklace, Leather Briefs, Greaves, Shield, Helmets and more. Marvel items include Magneto Helmet, Thor Helmet, Thor's Hammer.  Even more items include replicas from Serenity, Beowulf, Tristan & Isolde, The Phantom & More.  Be sure to few some of these – its cool high-end stuff:

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA MINIMATES – WAVE 4:  Another cool set of Minimates from Diamond Select, we have the full set of 8 with chase figure listed at $24.99.  This assortment features President Roslyn & Tom Zarek, Cally Tyrol & Felix Gaeta, Doc Cottle & Miniseries Gaius Baltar and the limited Laboratory Baltar – check them out here:


–LOTR – SAURON RINGBEARER BUST:  Slightly larger than the normal LotR bust, the new Sauron bust is up for preorder at $62.99 and it looks great:

–LOTR – SNAGA BUST:  This nasty Orc is up for preorder at $44.99

–ANIMATED EMPEROR MAQUETTE:  The Emperor works into this line very nicely, his gaunt face works perfectly with the animated style – $69.99

–AAYLA SECURA & SHAAK TI BUSTS:  Only silhouette images for these two so far, but we have them each listed at $44.99.

–COUNT DOOKU & ASAJJ VENTRESS STATUE:  This looks to be a nifty statue that stands 14" tall – priced $30 below MSRP at $199.99

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA – CYLON BUST:  One of the cooler looking busts we've seen in a while, this new Cylon is limited to 2000 pieces and stands 6" tall.  Preorders are open at $49.99 – $10 below the MSRP

TRANSFORMERS SHOCKWAVE BUST:  Another great looking TF bust from DST – Shockwave is limited to only 1000 pieces – there is never enough Shockwave stuff out there in the marketplace so be sure to grab one of these before it sells out.


–DC MINIMATES – WAVE 8:  Another great looking wave of minimates that includes a few more obscure figures as well as some big names with sub-story outfits.  Take a look at this cool set – $29.99

–BATMAN:  THE KILLING JOKE SET:  This cool 2-figure set comes with new sculpts of Batman and The Joker as well as a 48 page comic book. Preorders have been listed at $29.99

–SHOWCASE PRESENTS:  This 4 figure set is based on stories from the Showcase Presents library – the set of 4 is available for $49.99

–BATMAN BLACK & WHITE:  The latest entry into this now sizeable collection is from Bob Kane – check out his vintage Batman at $59.99

NEW BOWEN STATUES & BUSTS:  Six new items from Bowen have just been listed including:  Wolverine Classic Tigerstripe Statue, Wolverine Orignal Costume Statue, Black Knight Bust, Wolverine Unmasked Statue, Black Knight Retro Bust, and Stingray Bust – view all our Bowen items here

MACROSS 1/60 SV-51 NEW NORA:  Yamato brings us a nicely done repaint of the extremely cool SV-51 mold.  Check out this burgandy valk here for $219.99

TRANSFORMERS JAPANESE DVD EXCLUSIVE SET:  Lawson's – the same store that brought us the metallic Bumblebee and TF Movie ticket now bring us a special edition DVD with repainted versions of Blackout and Scorponok. This set isn't cheap at $164.99 – but there won't be many of them making it to the States.

DC STARS – TONNER DOLLS:  Tonner has just announced the Wonder Woman Amazon Warrior figure, limited to just 1500 pieces and up for preorder at $144.99


HALO 3 – MASTER CHIEF STATUE:  Kotobukiya has done a superb job with this statue, both with the figure itself and also the themed flat-black packaging.  We have these in stock now at $10 off MSRP at $89.99.

MARVEL LEGENDS – FANTASTIC 4 BUILD-A-FIGURE:  We now have some open stock on this highly popular set of 8 figures.   Grab this set and you can create the Ronan the Accuser figure.   We'll have more of the Marvel Legends 3 – Brood Queen wave arriving shortly also – all preorders just filled and some singles are left.

GOD OF WAR 13" KRATOS:  Just in from NECA, this much larger version of Kratos features an interchangeable head, and also a decapitated medusa head – only $29.99 for this beauty:

MARVEL ZOMBIES: In stock now for $17.99 – this is yet another great entry into the highly popular Zombies line.  We've also just restocked the zombies minimates line.

ULTIMATE BUMBLEBEE:  Finally in stock at $94.99 – this figure has been chosen to a ton of 'top toy' lists for the holiday season and we've received a variety of email from customers telling us how much they have enjoyed Bumblebee.  We don't have too many at the moment, but more should be on the way soon:

SPAWN – SERIES 32 – ANIMATED:  This cool set of Spawn figures takes on the animated look and McFarlane has done a good job with them.  We have full sets of 7 at $83.99 and a variety of singles at $11.99 to $14.99

DC DIRECT – 13" DELUXE NIGHTWING:  Another cool figure from the 13" DC line, this one is priced at $59.99, comes with an alternate mask, twin Escrima sticks, and a display stand.

TRANSFORMERS THE MOVIE – DVD:  This is sure to be one of the best-selling DVD's of the year, we have the regular edition in stock at $22.99, and the 2-disc special edition at $29.99.  I'll be spending the evening checking out all the extras on the 2nd disc, can't wait.

SPAWN – WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION SET:  This exclusive boxed set features three of the more popular Spawn incarnations packed together in a fairly large gift-box – in stock now for $39.99

TOYNAMI MACROSS TRANSFORMABLES:  Both waves 1 and 2 are now back in stock at $59.99 for the set of 3 figures.  These are priced $15 below MSRP per set and we are glad to have more in stock after a long drought.

MANY MORE ITEMS:  There is not enough time to list everything, but here is a snapshot of other cool items that arrived:   24 Minimates, Back to the Future minimates, Revoltech OVA Getter, Weta Original Rayguns, Bome 25, Star Trek First Contact Data, Ikki Tousen, Jaws Plush, Elizabeth Swann Maquette, S-Mart Ash, Mira Roma Kaede Tsukimiya, Skelanimals & More.

Thanks for your interest in – be sure to take advantage of the 20% off sale and check out some of the many new items mentioned above.

Joel & The BBTS Crew