Japanese G1 cartoon continuity translation

{mosimage} Until now, most of us in the English-speaking world only know anecdotally the monumental extent of the recent G1 cartoon time-line information released by TakaraTomy with some of the KissPlayer merchandise (specifically on the Autorooper X Atari packaging and Kiss Players/Teletraan Go! Go! Collection), which pulls in everything from G1, Beast Wars, KissPlayers, Robot Masters, and more into a single continuity.

It's scary.  And now, thanks to Quez, SwiftEagle, and Teletraan-1 (The Transformers Wiki), you too can experience the sheer brilliance/insanity that is the Japanese G1 cartoon continuity.  See SwiftEagle's announcement and discuss in our forums here, and then read the actual entry in the TF wiki here.  Regardless of how crazy you might think this is, this translation is an awesome read and a great resource.