Go Buy The Transformers DVD!

{mosimage} What are you doing here? Why did you even bother to get online today? You don't have time to read web pages! You've got to go out and buy astf on DVD! Then you've got to come home, watch the movie, the commentary, and all the extras! You've got to find those easter eggs, and look for yourself or your fellow Allsparkers in that BotCon footage! You've got to check out all that concept art and start complaining all over again about those flames! You've got to spend hours just marveling at the pretty packaging and those shiny, shiny discs! Once you've finished all that, THEN you can get online and post your thoughts about it. 

To be fair, there is one reason you might still be here: you don't know which version to buy. We posted a wrap-up of all the store exclusives a few days ago, but we've got some new details and new exclusives to make your decision just a little bit more difficult. Click "read more" for the full list of exclusives and sales info, then run out and pick up your copy!  


-Exclusive Gift Set: 2-disc set with Robot Heroes Cliffjumper and Battle Damaged Prime, $29.99
-2-disc SE: $22.99. HD-DVD: $29.99.
-Free $10 giftcard when you buy the movie and Transformers: The Game
-Free Megatron lithograph when you buy the movie.
-Buy metallic Ratchet or Megatron with the movie for $14.99, regularly $19.99.


-Exclusive Gift Set: 2-disc set with transforming case and comic book, $24.99.
-1-disc DVD $15.99  
-"Evolution of a Hero" Bumblebee set on sale for $15.99, other TF toys on sale.
-With the purchase of Bumblebee set and the regular (non-exclusive) DVD you get a $5 gift card


-Exclusive card that unlocks 11 minutes of exclusive online footage with purchase of DVD. Cost and nature of content unknown.
-Free exclusive Transformers Autobot logo hat to first 20 customers
-Regular edition 13.99, 2-Disc SE $22.99, HD-DVD $29.99
-Transformers soundtrack (not score), $8.99, PS2 game $29.99, Energon DVDs $5.99


-Exclusive Gift Set: 1-disc regular edition DVD, plus bonus disc with "animated" prequel, narrated by Optimus Prime, $19.96.


-Exclusive Gift Set: 2-disc SE in Autobots Protect/Decepticons Destroy steelbook cases.


Exclusive Gift Set: 2-disc SE with exclusive making-of booklet, $39.99.


-Exclusive Gift Set: 2-disc SE with bundled LED flashlight. Cost may be $29.99.


-Exclusive Gift Set: Free Autobot 128MB Mp3 player with purchase. Cost unknown.

K-MART  (May apply to Sears as well)

Free key-chain light with Transformers DVD (No DVD price listed)
-Buy Transformers DVD and any Hasbro Transformers toy priced $19.99 or more, get $10 off
-All Transformers movie toys on sale
-Energon DVDs $4.99

ALBERTSONS (Grocery store)

-Exclusive mouse pad (price and details unknown)

HASTINGS (Midwestern U.S. chain)

Exclusive reversible "beanie" (known in other regions as a "sock hat" or "hoagie")
-Midnight release

FRED MEYER (Northwestern U.S. chain)

Free Autobot  T-shirt with purchase of DVD, $19.99 for single-disc edition

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