DVD News: Review, Deleted Scenes, Metallic Voyagers, Screenshots

{mosimage}With just over ten days until astf comes out on DVD, interesting tidbits of news keep rolling in. Check these out:

-An early review of the set has been posted at HomeTheaterForum, and it confirms something many fans have been hoping for: deleted and extended scenes! The reviewer reports the scenes are integrated into the featurettes on Disc 2, but at least they're present. Read the full review for more.

-ComicsContinuum has posted screenshots of the menus for the two-disc set. Click this link and scroll down to see. Thanks to TFW2005 for pointing out the link.  

-A poster at DVDTalk provides more details about Best Buy's U.S. exclusives: The two-disc set with bonus Robot Heroes doesn't seem to advertise any special gift-box packaging, and the metallic Voyager Ratchet and Megatron repaints will be available for $19.99 alone, or $14.99 with the purchase of the Transformers DVD. More solid confirmation should be forthcoming soon, but for now, click here for his post.