Carded Transformers Animated Prowl On eBay

{mosimage}A new eBay auction has popped up for the upcoming Deluxe-class Prowl from Transformers: Animated, due in stores in early 2008. The images aren't too large, and a sticker on the card proclaims it a pre-production sample with packaging that may vary on release, but it's still the first carded images of an Animated toy we've seen so far. The predominantly red, white, and blue card features the usual character artwork on the front, bio on the back, and cross-sells for Bumblebee, Optimus Prime and Lockdown. Prowl also comes with two "bladed mecha stars" and some kind of traffic light. Presumably, a traffic light of justice.

Check out the listing on eBay, or view mirrored images and discuss in Master Fwiffo's thread. Credit goes to Seibertron for finding the auction.