Best Buy DVD Gift Set Revealed, Kinda

{mosimage} It's been assumed for a while now that U.S. Best Buy stores would have some kind of exclusive gift set released with the astf DVD. The Best Buy Canada web site has had a listing for a set with an "exclusive book and action figure" for a few weeks. Today, a listing has finally appeared on the U.S. Best Buy site, but it looks a bit… different.

Instead of showing the Canadian box set, the listing's thumbnail image (actual size, at left) is of the normal 2-disc DVD case, and two Robot Heroes toys. One is clearly Bumblebee repainted as Cliffjumper, and the other is Optimus Prime, but the thumbnail is too small to make out any details. Strangely, the set is listed with a November 4 release date, two weeks after the regular release. Hopefully the newspaper ads will clear all this up soon. Thanks to Tformers for the news.

Additionally, Seibertron reports that any Best Buy Transformers DVD pre-order with a deposit of $5 nets you an exclusive Transformers lithograph, and they've got pictures to prove it.