Become A Transformer, Or Have One Call You

{mosimage} A new section of the astf site has been created to promote the upcoming DVD release, and it makes Optimus Prime your trained telephone monkey! Visit, answer a few questions, and Prime himself will ring up you or one of your buddies to warn about a potential Decepticon threat. He'll mention the DVD too, but that's probably just a coincidence. 

Check out yourself, and hope your name isn't too unusual for Prime's vocal processors to handle. Thanks to Jarodimus of the 2005 Boards for the tip!

And if that's not enough personal attention for you, upload a photo of yourself to and see what you'd look like as a sort of freaky human/robot alien cyborg monstrosity. Use it as a template for a Halloween costume, or to scare your mom back home into thinking you've been blown up and resurrected as the new RoboCop.

Credit goes to for pointing out the Suit Yourself site.