2008 Wave 1 Of Real Gear Announced!

{mosimage} Hasbro has updated their Transformers site with images of the first wave of astf Real Gear figures for next year. This wave is comprised of three recolors: Highline 1070 (a red repaint of Speed Dial 800), Hacker X-3 (an Autobot repaint of Power Up VT6), and Photon/Foton T-34 (a Decepticon repaint of Spyshot 6). As you can see in the images, the Cybertron screen grabs will be replaced with decals featuring Movie characters (and possibly a well-known, one-eyed purple robot from the Movie Video Game)! Look for these figures January of next year.

You can see the images as well as bios for the toys here. You can also discuss this news in TriBlurr's thread here.