Upcoming IDW Releases

{mosimage}Straight from Chris Ryall at the IDW forums, here's a lineup of upcoming IDW Transformers comic release dates…

September 12: Dinobots UK reprint #1
September 19: Devastation #1
September 26: Beast Wars: The Ascending #1 and Beast Wars Sourcebook #1
October 3: Dinobots UK reprint #2 and TF Magazine #3
October 10: Art of Transformers hardcover

Chris also informs loyal readers that Megatron issue #4 should be finished next week, Devastation #2 is headed to print this week, and the second issues of both Beast Wars Sourcebook and The Ascending will head to print next week.  He has Robby Musso's Ramjet pages in hand, and the plans for Devastation #3 and #4 are well underway.

Thanks to the IDW forums, Seibertron and our own lonegamer8, who gives you the chance to drop a comment in this thread at the Allspark Forums.