Transformers versus Terminators?

{mosimage} "I'll be back." And apparently in a new continuity.

PiratedTVPro has stumbled across an interesting segment of "Lying in the Gutters" on It says that there may be a Terminator/Transformers cross-over comic book series coming out.

Here is the brief snippet:

Cybertron vs Cyberdene

I understand there's a "Transformers/Terminator" comic book series on the way. Will it be Dynamite, will it be IDW?
Will it be as bad as "Transformers/Avengers?" No.

You can see the full article here

Update: Chris Ryall had this to say:

But keep in mind this was mentioned at a rumor site. There's no deal in place, but people have been talking about this one from the start, simply because Simon Furman is writing both books. I think it'd be cool and feel organic to what we've been doing for that reason, but there's nothing signed or scheduled, it's just talk, the same way the JLA one was a year ago.

You can see his comment on the IDW board here