Transformers Movie U.K. “Lucky Bag”

{mosimage} Just when you thought you'd seen every random bit of merchandise that astf had to offer, something new manages to come along. Well, it's probably not new to U.K. fans, but here in the U.S., we're low on Deluxes and getting a bit desperate to see something we haven't seen before. So, courtesy of friend-of-the-Allspark Dave from, we have a look at what's inside at least one sample of a Transformers "Lucky Bag" purchased at a U.K. Aldi store. His blind-packed grab bag included:

-Lollipops and candies
-A Bumblebee sliding puzzle
-A stationery set and notepad
-A yo-yo
-A folded poster, with Optimus & Megatron on one side and games & info on the other
-An ad for the Transformers U.K. Magazine

Check out images of all the goodies in our Gallery, and if you just can't live without it, this site will ship them internationally. *UPDATE* While other countries can be selected during checkout at that store, a message eventually notes that they only ship to the U.K. Unless the bags turn up somewhere else, online auction sites or friends in the U.K. may be non-locals' only sources. Thanks to Defensis Prime for the update.