Transformers 2: June 26, 2009?

{mosimage} Several movie sites, including and BoxOfficeMojo, are reporting that Paramount has penciled in June 26, 2009 as the release date for the sequel to astf.

Recently, Michael Bay has voiced displeasure with the speed at which the project is progressing, and there have been rumblings of his involvement with movie versions of The Prince of Persia and 2012: The War For The Souls. A June 2009 release date for Transformers II wouldn't leave Bay a window for another big-budget flick inbetween, but presumably he'll be pleased that the studio has put the sequel on the fast track instead.

As always, movie release dates aren't written in stone, and a possible Writers' Guild strike next year could delay the flick. But for now, it seems Paramount believes this is the movie to put up against Fox's Ice Age III on the Independence Day weekend of 2009. 

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