The Allspark’s September Fic of the Month

{mosimage}Sure, it's been a bit since Cannonball's release, but pirates never go out of style!  The high-seas imagery flows freely in the Allspark Fic of the Month for September: The Universe Before Me, A Thousand Stars Behind.  Master Fwiffo spins an entertaining yarn starring, as he puts it, a ragtag group of scoundrels that make up his own Cybertronian pirate crew.  It's a well-timed story, too… September 19th is Talk Like A Pirate Day, after all.  Arrr!

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From "The Universe Before Me, A Thousand Stars Behind" by Master Fwiffo…

Here, in my quarters with my most trusted friend and lieutenant, is the only place I allow myself to relax. The stars pass in front of me, forever stretching on behind us. Where we are headed, not even I know. The solar winds determine our course, and fate determines what we find. It's always been good to me before.

"The universe in front of me," I whisper to none in particular. "And a thousand stars behind. What more could a bot ask for?"

"A better opponent at this game." Sharkticon mutters, meticulously replacing the pieces to their starting position.

I laugh. "And that, my dear Sharkticon, is why I keep you around."

He rolls his optics at the name. I wish I could smile back in return.

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