TakaraTomy Continues to Face Difficult Times

{mosimage} Transformers fans have seen a struggling Transformers market in Japan over the last few years, and it doesn't look to have improved much. First they were faced with dwindling amount of youth to purchase their toys, now Tomy has to deal with the growing lead paint scandal in China. Although it doesn't affect Transformers, Tomy is a major supplier of die-cast cars to Mattel and had to recall much of that supply due to unsafe amounts of lead. So what does this all mean for Transformers? Expect a further shift to adult-oriented toys; more items like the Sports and Music Labels.

That doesn't mean the company is in too much difficulty, it's Tomica train's and Licca-Chan dolls are steadily making headway in sales. You can read all about TakaraTomy's successes and failures in Business World's Article here. (Credit: Seibertron.com)