Simon Furman Blog Update: Whose Blaster Is It?

{mosimage} Simon Furman has updated his blog, this time talking about the upcoming IDW Spotlight: Blaster comic book. He discusses just what character the Autobot will most resemble; the Blaster from the cartoon or the Blaster from the Comics. The short answer is neither, yet both. 

The answer is neither, or maybe an amalgam of the two with a new twist, however you want to look at it. The whole point with these character Spotlights (and the IDW TF-verse in general) is that you don’t ever get quite what you were expecting. If it’s been done before, the rule of thumb is, don’t do it again (or don’t do it the same way).

To read the entire entry click here, it does get a little spoiler-y as he goes more in depth about this new, yet familiar, Blaster.