(Rumor)New and Different Universe Swerve Information

{mosimage} Seibertron.com is reporting on new information that they have received about the Chevrolet Aveo Universe Swerve. According to the new info, you don't have to buy an Aveo after all! But you do have to be in China, see the movie and test drive the car.

Here is a blurb about the figure from Seibertron member Professor Smooth:

This figure will NOT be given away if you buy a Chevrolet Aveo. In fact, buying the car isn't even necessary to get the exclusive. Its a China only Promo for the Chevrolet Lova (Aveo in the U.S.). The idea was you go to the movie, after you go to a Chevrolet dealer with the movie ticket(s) and test drive the Lova. You get the robot for test driving the car.

You can see the report here