New Transformers Movie Robot Heroes Images

{mosimage} Warning: if you're one of those people who can't look at Knut the polar bear, or baby seals, or LOLcats who eated your cookie, without dissolving into a helpless puddle of "Awwwwwww"s, READ NO FURTHER. Avert your eyes from the image to the left, and DEFINITELY don't click the following link. It's for your own good.

Okay? Everybody else ready? Because it's time for more adorably violent li'l astf Robot Heroes! In an upcoming wave pictured at TFW2005, we see final painted versions of Optimus Prime (for the first time in toy form without a faceplate and with a sword!) Vs. Skorponok, Protoform Jazz Vs. Brawl, Ironhide Vs. Bonecrusher, and Armor Bumblebee (with visor and Allspark!) Vs. Starscream. And they're all so prosh you could just squeeze 'em. Just hug 'em and love 'em and call them all George.

Visit TFW2005 for all the images. If you're sure you can handle it.