New Movie Toy Bundles

{mosimage} As the Deluxe, Voyager and Leader toys fly off the shelves (if they even land there in the first place), retailers are looking for new ways to move some of the slightly less popular astf products. As usual, that means repackages and bonus items, and there are at least two new examples.

In this Allspark thread , Nevermore points out an eBay auction for an Ultimate Bumblebee in Unleashed-style packaging with an included tiny Titanium doppelganger. The seller is in the U.S., but we get no clues as to when, how, or at what price point the set may eventually be available at retail. Post your guesses in Nevermore's thread.

Also, after a focus group revealed that the Optimus Prime Voice Changer helmet was "pretty cool, but not stabby enough," Wal*Mart has elected to re-release the helmet with a T.E.C.H. Toys Digital Dagger. The set was spotted by TFW2005's Seeker311 in a Texas Wal*Mart for $28.88.