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Hi – Here is another exciting update from about a great new round of preorders and some more new arrivals.


FRANK MILLER'S 300 – XERXES 9" FIGURE:  Neca brings us another fantastic sculpt for 300 – Xerxes manages to look arrogant, even when only 9" tall and made of plastic.  The did a great job sculpting all the intricate jewelry – this figure is up for preorder at $17.99

MARVEL LEGENDS EXCLUSIVE & TROOP BUILDERS:  We've just listed the Preview's Exclusive Ultimate Wolverine figure at $14.99.  The Hydra Soldier figure and Hydra Soldier Variant are now available as a set of 2 figures for $27.99 – pick up a few sets to start your army!
= Hydra Set
= Ultimate Wolverine

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA MARK III VIPER:  A cool new sculpt from Diamond Select has just been announced – we have the Mark III Viper listed $25 below MSRP at $99.99.  This resin statue is around 8" long and is limited to only 2007 pieces.

GREEN GOBLIN'S PUMPKIN BOMB PROP REPLICA:  This fun replica is priced $30 under MSRP at $94.99 and will be arriving this spring.  Sculpted by Gentle Giant and limited to only 1000 pieces:

STAR TREK TOS – COMMUNICATOR:  Another great looking and affordable prop replica from Diamond Select.  The new Communciator is priced at only $24.99 and it features sound clips from the classic series.

CAPCOM GIRLS – POISON:  One of the best looking female characters we carry, and thats saying something!  This figure stands 11" tall and is priced at $64.99 – cutoffs, tank top, and hand-cuffs included.


–JASON VOORHEES ANIMAQUETTE:  Come see the softer side of Jason Voorhees in this new sculpt from G.G.  Jason may not look as dark and gloomy as usual, but he does still carry the bloody machete and a dead victim. Preorders have been listed at $69.99

–LIFESIZED ANIMATED LEIA STATUE:  This huge new release from GG is priced at $799.99 and stands over 5 feet tall!  If you loved the regular sized version of the animated Leia, and you have all kinds of display space, this might be a great item for you.  Check it out here:

–TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE BUSTS:  Leatherface and Chop Top get the GG treatment with these cool new busts priced at $44.99

–MORE GENTLE GIANT:  Do a quick search for these cool new items as well – Death Eater Bustups, Pirates of the Caribbean Animated Will & Barbossa, 10" Rotocast Hellboy.

ALIEN VS PREDATOR REQUIEM:  NECA will be releasing 8" action figures for the upcoming sequel to AvP.  Get your Alien Warrior & Predalien Hybrid figures for $25.99 per set.

TEXAS CHAINSAW PROP REPLICA:  Limited to only 500 pieces, this cool new prop is nearly 4 feet long and priced at $194.99

STAR TREK – FIRST CONTACT DATA:  Another cool figure from Diamond Select, this exclusive is limited to only 1701 pieces

TRANSFORMERS RODIMUS PRIME HEAD BUST:  The fourth mini TF head in the series, this mini bust is up for preorder at $39.99

SIDESHOW ALIENS DIORAMA:  A cool new sculpture from Sideshow that measures 13" tall and is wall mountable.  We have it listed $10 under MSRP at $139.99

SHUNYA YAMASHITA – CREATOR'S LABO #15:  Neon Genesis' Rei Ayanami is up next in the Creator's Labo series.  This cool statue is around 10" tall and sure to please both Evangelion and Yamashita fans.

HARRY POTTER – ORDER OF THE PHOENIX 3:  We have images of only Lucius Malfoy so far, but the wave should also include Bellatrix and casual clothes Harry.  Sets of 3 are $39.99

LABYRINTH – JARETH & HOGGLE:  A new boxed set from NECA features a new Hoggle sculpt and an updated costume for Jareth.  This cool set is priced at $29.99.

SUPER ROBOT WARS MODEL KITS:  If you like robots of any kind, take a look at these nifty and affordable kits – priced from $18.99 to $35.99.

SPIDER-MAN 3 MINIMATES:  A cool previews exclusive set of regular and black suited Spider-Man 3 minimates – $6.49 for the 2-pack.

NINTENDO MARIO KART R/C FIGURES:  These fun 1/12 and 1/32 scale radio control karts are $64.99 and $16.99 respectively.  There are also track sets so you can drive the carts on a course.

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA SERIES 2:  Our listing has been up for a while, but we've just added images of this cool second set of figures from BSG.  The set includes one each of: Cylon Centurion, Louanne "Kat" Katraine, Kara "Starbuck" Thrace, Karl "Helo" Agathon in Pilot Uniform.


MARVEL SELECT ZOMBIES:  Spider-Man and Colonel America Zombie Figures will be here in about a week – $17.99 each

TRANSFORMERS MATRIX STATUE & UNICRON STATUE:  Both these popular items aren the way – arriving next week!

FANTASTIC 4 – BUILD-A-FIGURE WAVE:  Hasbro's awesome new wave is on the way – preorders available for $89.99

STAR WARS 30TH WAVES 5 & 6:  We have a relatively small amount of inventory left on both these waves – Arriving around Wednesday


MCFARLANE'S MONSTERS – 12" DOROTHY:  From the very popular Twisted Land of Oz series released several years ago, we've just received the 'specialty market only' 12" Dorothy – in stock now for $29.99

GENTLE GIANT STAR WARS STATUES:  Jabba the Hut and Jabba's Palace Band statues are now in stock for $249.99 and $164.99 respectively.

BBTS VINTAGE DEPARTMENT TRANSFORMERS:  Lots of hard to find reissue and exclusive Takara items have just been listed as well Beast Wars and Botcon items.  These generally go fast so if the list looks bare someone else snapped them up first.

REVOLTECH MACROSS VF-1J:  This Revoltech figure was imported from Japan and is now in stock for $22.99.  Lots of armor and and 37 points of articulation.  Be sure to take a look at the VF-1S as well.

NHL LEGENDS 5:  Wayne Gretzky along with Orr, Hull and La Fleur are each in stock for $10.99 per figure.

GENTLE GIANT LORD OF THE RINGS:  Sam and Frodo in Orc Armor as well as the Elrond bust are now in stock for $44.99 – all great looking pieces.

TRANSFORMER ACCESSORIES:  The Quint-01, Light-Up Energy cubes, and Spike & Sparkplug G1 scale figures have all arrived.  Check out these fun new figures here:

TRANSFORMERS GRIMLOCK & BUMBLEBEE BUSTS:  Diamond has started to deliver its Transformer Bust line and everything looks great.  Grimlock is in stock for $49.99 and Bumblebee is $39.99

HAN SOLO ELITE EDITION BLASTER:  The normal price of this item is $649.99, but we are passing on some savings to you at the reduced price of $399.99.  Take a look at this Master Replicas beauty here:

As Always – there are tons of other new arrivals that we don't have room to mention, take a look through some of your favorite menus to see if anything new has arrived.


Joel & The BBTS Crew


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