Movie Merchandise Roundup

For those keeping track of the ongoing, unstoppable wave of astf merchandise hitting the market, here's an update for your scorecard!


    Target has a new listing up for an Optimus Prime water globe.  Priced at $15.99, it shows Optimus in the same pose seen in the promotional signage at Walmart stores.
    A new auction has popped up showing Ultimate Bumblebee in a special package with 3" Titanium Bumblebee.  The final destination for this item is unknown, but thread originator Nevermore speculates that it may be a Costco release.
    Also, after a focus group revealed that the Optimus Prime Voice Changer helmet was "pretty cool, but not stabby enough," Wal*Mart has elected to re-release the helmet with a T.E.C.H. Toys Digital Dagger. The set was spotted by TFW2005's Seeker311 in a Texas Walmart for $28.88.  You can find that report here.

Finally, the cover for the Target exclusive movie tie-in comic book has been posted over at! This comic will tie together the movie and the prequel mini-series published by IDW.  Thanks to lonegamer8 again for posting a thread on this!


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