IMAX Extra Scenes Revealed

{mosimage} Allspark board member Blindmouse was fortunate enough to catch the premiere of the upcoming IMAX release of the 2007 astf, and has given details of the extra footage in this thread.  Fans of the humans in the film are in for a treat, it would seem! Read on for more information on the extra footage…

From Blindmouse' thread…

1. After Sam drives off for the first time, he goes to Mile's house to pick him up. Sam says something like "Check out my car!" Miles responds in a disappointed tone "It's yellow." Sam then yells at him to get in the car.

2. After Sam's interrogation is over and he's getting walked out of the station they pass by a TV playing the don't do drugs commercial where the girl loses it and smashes up the kitchen while explaining that this is what drugs do to families. Sam's dad is also offered a "Don't Do Drugs" bumper sticker.

3. After Sam and Mikaela are picked up by Sector 7 and are driving in their SUV, Agent Simmons interrogates Sam with some sort of eye scanning lie detector.

4.Before letting people into the room that the Allspark is in, Agent Simmons explains to the group that the past 13 Presidents had never even seen the Allspark. But he goes there to think all the time.

5 Ever wonder why they show that sign for Rhonda's pawn and loan center? Turns out that Captain Lennox found those "Radio Shack" like walkie talkies there. Captain Lennox tries to use his military status to get into this locked section of the pawn shop. Rhonda pulls a shotgun on him and argues with him. Lennox eventually starts flirting with her and Rhonda changed her attitude.