Canadian Transformers DVD With Steel Case

{mosimage}Canadian retailer Future Shop will be releasing the previously announced 2-disc edition of astf in an exclusive steel case. Or, two steel cases, actually: one Autobot (with the faction symbol and "Protect" on the front) and one Decepticon ("Destroy," natch). The back of each case features the Earth landscape from space, as seen in the movie's teaser posters. And good news for fans in the U.S. as well: Canada uses the same region code and TV format as we do, so unlike the "transforming" Australian edition, you can actually import and watch this version.

Future Shop lists the exclusive editions for October 16th, the same day as the wide releases in Canada and the U.S., at a retail price of just $1 more than the standard 2-disc edition. Visit their online store for the Autobot and Decepticon listings and images.