Avast and Ahoy! Cannonball Off The Larboard Keel!

{mosimage} Oh-ho! It is I, Cannonball the Ninth, greatest privateer and stellar captain Cybertron has ever known!  In honor of your Earth Holiday (which MUST be one of the great holy days for your miserable people, no doubt), "International Talk Like A Pirate Day", I have composed a little sea chanty for you.  Well… when I say composed, I mean pilfered the tune from Gilbert and Sullivan, and filked the lyrics to my own devious ends.  THAT, my friends, is how a pirate writes music! Please honor my presence by visiting the Allspark's shrine to my glory, "Ask Cannonball" , or I vow that ye shall taste the Cat o' Nine before the night is over.

(No, Fang, I won't say it.  Not even for the little kiddies.)