Ultimate Bumblebee’s Repertoire

{mosimage}"You're my first human friend."  Aww.  That's one of the many things you'll hear from astf Ultimate Bumblebee if you should pick him up at retail.  Among the other tricks Big Bumbles knows, according to an extensive list compiled by Allspark Forums member Chris McFeely:

 – reacts animatronically, including arm and head motion to sound and movement
 – plays various samples from "Whip It" by Devo, as well as other music and radio snippets
 – complains (with such prompts as "Hel-looo?") if you leave him alone for a while
 – complains even more hilariously if left alone in mid-transformation
 – fires missiles with spinning barrel at the push of a button
 – lights up his eyes and car headlights

See the whole list in this thread!