Three New Transformers Box Office Milestones

{mosimage} Nearly two months after its release, and down from a peak of 4,050 theatres to just 826, astf is still exceeding expectations and making box office news. Over the weekend, the movie hit an estimated domestic total of $308,631,000, inching its gross past the twice-as-expensive and ten-times-as-hyped Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End.

What does that mean? Well, it pushes our giant @!#$ing robots to three new positions, according to Box Office Mojo: the #3 movie of 2007, the #23 movie of all time, and perhaps more impressively, it cracked the top 100 "adjusted for inflation" chart. That one's topped by Gone With The Wind, and is a much closer comparison of actual tickets sold to each film.

With a tiny bit of steam left in its current release, the movie has a definite shot of inching past a couple of Star Wars flicks on the all-time list. With the upcoming IMAX release, it could go even higher–maybe even giving some wizards, Hobbits and ogres a good reason to worry.