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A new BigBadToyStore newsletter has hit mailboxes worldwide, and we're bringing it to you. As usual, there's a bunch of new preorders and in-stock items, and a few Transformers as well:

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TRANSFORMERS ENCORE – RATCHET & IRONHIDE:  A nice surprise announcement from Takara today.  Ratchet and Ironhide will be released as part of the Encore lineup at the very attractive price of only $34.99 each.  These were reissued about 5 years ago as exclusives in very limited quantities.

HASBRO MARVEL BUILD-A-FIGURE SETS:  We've just listed two exciting new sets of figures, and each 8 figure set includes parts needed to build an extra larger Build-A-Figure.   Up for preorder now at $89.99 per set is the Marvel Legends Fantastic 4 set with Ronan the Accuser, and a Spider-Man Movie set with Sandman.  Lets hope Hasbro continues this trend.

TRANSFORMERS MUSIC LABEL – SOUNDBLASTER BLACK MP3:  Takara will not only be producing more of the Spark Blue MP3 players, they are also introducing a third version into the mix with the new SoundBlaster MP3 player with black paint.  Both figures are up for preorder at $94.99.

STAR WARS TRANSFORMERS – NEW DELUXE:  We've listed two new case assortments that contain the new Commander Cody Turbo Tank, Luke Skywalker Snowspeeder, and AT-AT Driver – AT-AT.  They unfortunately packed 2 old figures along with the 4 new figures per case, so while our case prices are very reasonable at $94.99, the single figure and sets are a bit high since we'll have to recoup the expense of the two unwanted items.

MARVEL SUPERHERO SQUAD – SERIES 5:  We don't have images for this new wave yet, but it sounds like a good one.  Instead of the normal 4 sets of 2-packs, Hasbro doubles up this wave with 8 new 2-packs.  We have cases, sets, and a few singles up for preorder.  New figures include:  Storm & Black Panther, Ultimates Captain America & Nick Fury, Wolverine with chopper, Human Torch & Annihilus, Iceman & Pyro, Thor & Loki, Gambit & Rogue, and Dr. Strange & Ant-Man.

MORE COMIC-CON EXCLUSIVES:  We'll be receiving another batch of SDCC items fairly soon.  There are currently almost 20 items up for preorder or in stock now.  New preorders include:  Gold Bender Bank, Justice League 3-pack, Mattel Manbat, Underdog 2-pack, South Park Butters, Goonies Copper Bones Skull Key Replica, and don't miss out on the 300 Leonidas, NBX Vampire Jack, and Harry Potter with Hedwig.

STAR WARS EXCLUSIVES:  For those of you without access to Toys R Us, we've just listed the TIE Interceptor – 181st Imperial Fighting Group vehicle, and also the upcoming Battle of Geonosis Creature Pack.  Check out these two items here + the Gold Squadron Y-wing: = TIE = Y-Wing = Creature Pack

SPIDER-MAN MOVIE ITEMS:  We've listed more of the 'Offscreen' Action Figures as well as new 10" offerings – check out the Spider-Man 3 menu:


STAR WARS UNLEASHED ARC HEAVY GUNNER:  This internet exclusive is now in stock for $23.99.  It comes packaged in the attractive cylinder style packaging and features another dynamic Unleashed style pose.

BATMAN 1/4 SCALE MUSEUM STATUE:  A beautiful new mixed media piece that stands over 18" tall, the Museum Statue is very impressive:

SPIDER-MAN UNLEASHED 360 FIGURES:  The 360 designation of these new Unleashed figures means that they are extremely articulated action figures instead of the staionatry Unleashed figures from Star Wars or Transformers.  I took a look at them all in person today and was quite happy with them – the images don't do the figures justice, they are fairly large, nicely equipped, and reasonably priced at $24.99 each.

MARVEL LEGENDS ICONS – SERIES 4:  Magneto and Cyclops are now in stock for $23.99 each or $44.99 for the pair.  This line keeps getting better so be sure to check out waves 5 & 6 preorders as well.

STAR WARS – SAGA 2007 WAVE 3:  We now have Wave 3 and Wave 3.1 cases in stock along with a variety of single figure listings including the Yellow and Red Clone Troopers – view them all here:

STAR TREK – TNG – WAVE 4:  Beverly Crusher, Wesley Crusher, Q, and the All Good Things Beverly figures are all in stock.  We have sets of 3 with Q available as well as single figure listings for all the rest.

SDCC UTAPAU CLONE TROOPER:  Limited to just 2007 pieces, we now have these in stock for just $89.99 – well under the convention pricing!

STAR WARS EXPANDED UNIVERSE:  The third wave of comic 2-packs is now in stock in limited quantities.  Get all 3 of the new sets for $39.99 here:

KOTOBUKIYA WOLVERINE STATUE:  This Japanese statue is one of the cooler Wolverine statues out there – tons of action and a very busy sculpt – in stock now – $20 below MSRP at $154.99

STAR TREK MINIMATES – WAVE 1:  We now have 6 figure sets in stock for just $15.99 – this gets you everyone but the short-packed chase figure and most of the key characters:

BOWEN ROGUE STATUE:  This 12" Statue features Rogue punching her way through a brick wall.  In stock now for $174.99

MARVEL ZOMBIES – SPIDER-MAN & MARY JANE STATUE:  A great new statue perfect for Goth weddings or shelf display – we have it priced $25 under MSRP at only $99.99.

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to take a quick look at some of the new items or your favorite menus.  Dozens of other items arrived this week that we don't have time to mention.

Joel & The BBTS Crew