The Allspark’s August Fics of the Month

{mosimage}This month's collection of worthy reads in the Chronicles of Cybertron fanfiction forum includes not just one, but three, particularly outstanding efforts.  Presenting the Allspark's Fics of the Month for August…

 – MechaShiri is a relatively new author around these parts, but a very welcome and talented one.  She's captured the familiar yet new character of movie Ironhide through a few shorter stories leading up to this one, all worth a look if you don't mind spoilers.  In her latest effort, MechaShiri brings a few new characters to Earth, builds the working bond between Ironhide and his human counterpart, and examines how Earth relationships might appear to Cybertronians.  Welcome to the expanded movie-verse, and enjoy the ride in "Reunions."

 – Speaking of movie-verse fic… it's short, but it's sweet. Another new-ish author, lonegamer8, drags the Sector Seven guys kicking and screaming (and, thankfully, fully clothed) into the spotlight with a brief piece that could easily pass for a deleted scene from the movie. It's agent vs. agent in "Sides."

 – And finally, a wonderful ride comes to a bittersweet end – a fantastic ending, but one we didn't want to see. Then again, that's what great writers do: leave you wanting more. DragonTail, thanks for the adventures over two years of engrossing fic, and here's hoping there will be more of them. And readers, if you haven't checked out the grand finale in "Countdown to Extinction," now's the time.

Click below to see samples of all three!


From "Reunions" by MechaShiri…

Lennox let out a breath he hadn't known he had been holding. The campground was closed this time of year and far enough out of the way that things might stay contained. Barring a forest fire. "This place is highly flammable."

"Noted," Ironhide replied, hearing the warning in the human's voice. He shut off his lights and crept further down the road before scanning the area. Deeming it safe enough for the moment, he let Lennox out and then transformed. As always, he had his cannons armed in seconds. He began a more thorough scan, walking slowly through the trees while Lennox peered around from beside the mech's foot, keeping pace as Ironhide moved. Lennox knew it would do little good against a Decepticon but having a handgun with him made him feel better.

Ironhide's internal comm crackled this time, preventing eavesdropping, but the concern in Ratchet's voice had increased threefold. "A second unknown is headed your way! It's coming in fast — it went right past our other incoming. Optimus gives the order for you to recon only. Do not engage. Do you hear me?"

"Calm down, Ratch. I haven't even found anything yet." Ironhide glanced skyward for a sign of the second fake meteor. "No visuals on the second. I'll keep in touch." As soon as he disconnected a bright light filled the sky. The 'meteor' had come into visual range all right… and they were in its potential path.


From "Sides" by lonegamer8…

"What were you THINKING?!" Simmons hissed as they walked on through the halls, leading their unlikely guests down the maze of Hoover Dam. "We're the ones that can get away with anything, no questions asked!"

Banachek side-glanced his fellow agent as he paused to let civilians and servicemen some time to get over their gawking of the interiors. "He's better off as a liaison for them."

"What makes you think that's such a good idea?"

"Would you prefer to negotiate with them after the way you took the kids into custody? Rather messily, might I add?"


From "Countdown to Extinction" by DragonTail…

Ultra Magnus swung his rifle, like a club, at Predaking's head. The beast deflected the blow with a weapon of his own – a long, crimson spear with a jewelled shield in its centre. Pivoting with his own momentum, Magnus dropped to one knee and fired a volley of machine-gun bullets. Snarling, Predaking parried the shots and plunged forward, trying to impale the Autobot.

Magnus was too quick. He rocked back and brought up his long legs, catching Predaking under the jaw. He kicked the zealot over and toward the far wall; the beast recovered in mid-air, used his wings as brakes and floated gently to the floor.

"You can't hope to defeat me, Autobot," he sneered contemptuously. "Even your own religion is against you! I am the Great Dragon foreseen by your ridiculous Council of Elders – by your own 'father', Alpha Trion! All shall be as was written, long ago: And there came a hero who said: 'hurt not the Earth, nor the seas, nor the trees, nor the very fabric of time'. But the hero would not prevail…"

A chunk of masonry flew across the room and slammed into Predaking's head. The beast whirled, dazed, directly into the path of two air-to-air missiles. From behind his rifle's targeting sight, Magnus glowered.

"Don't you dare quote the Covenant to me, you disgusting aberration," he fumed.