New Japanese Mini-Con Information

{mosimage} M Sipher reports that, according to master translater Doug Dlin, another new Mini-Con will be released as a mailaway premium, this time from Japanese publication TV Magazine.  Cybertron Ninja Raider Dragon Air, a redeco of the Clear Skies Mini-Con Team Nightscream, will be limited to 2000 pieces for his September release.  Presumably, he is the IRS agent that a Ninja Consultant will alert when an emergency Ninja Audit is required and Ninja Assets seized. 

A new page on TakaraTomy's website indicates that the chase versions of Gnashteeth and Rad Rogue are not named "Chrome Bite" and "Detectus" as previously reported– they're simply  Gnashteeth "Mechi" (Chrome) Version and Rad Rogue Clear Version.   Additionally, the heretofore unannounced blue Knockdown redeco is known as "Iron Lunge".  Presumably, he breathes with iron lungs.