New Case Assortments At Entertainment Earth

{mosimage}Entertainment Earth has updated their preorder pages with some listings that should cause many a collector to breathe a sigh of relief. Through the end of the year, they expect Hasbro to continue to release wave after wave of "revised" astf case assortments–giving everyone another crack at elusive figures like Concept Bumblebee and Arcee, newly released toys like Leader Brawl, and even many of the early deluxes that have been sold out at most retailers for the last month.

Credit for this bit of good news goes to Fosterlager at TFW2005, who also provided handy links to all the individual case preorder pages.


Entertainment Earth Links to Case Assortments: 

Wave 6 Rev. 1
Wave 6 Rev. 2
Wave 6 Rev. 3
Wave 6 Rev. 4
Wave 6 Rev. 5
Wave 6 Rev. 6
Wave 6 Rev. 7
Wave 6 Rev. 8

Wave 4 Rev. 1
Wave 4 Rev. 2
Wave 4 Rev. 3

Wave 3 Rev. 1

Wave 3 Rev. 1
Wave 3 Rev. 2

Real Gear:
Wave 4 Rev. 1

Cyber Slammers:
Wave 3 Rev. 1
Wave 3 Rev. 2
Wave 3 Rev. 3
Wave 3 Rev. 4

Robot Replicas:
Wave 2 Rev. 1
Wave 2 Rev. 2
Wave 2 Rev. 3
Wave 2 Rev. 4
Wave 2 Rev. 5


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