Massive News from IDW

{mosimage} Chris Ryall, you dog!  Editor in Chief Ryall's back from a trip to Hasbro HQ in Providence, RI, and he's got a bit of a tale to tell.  One of the things he was able to see was a brand-spanking new animated adaptation of IDW's prequel to astf– likely the same animated prequel Don Murphy and crew were bandying about all those years ago.  The prequel will be a special feature on the Wal-Mart version of the movie's DVD release, which should be out… at some point in time in the future.  Additionally, Mister Ryall got the opportunity to watch the Transformers: Animated movie, the 90-minute feature which will kick off the series, and he, like us, is super-excited for it.  "Especially the first scene," he says.  You can read the whole shebang in Ryall's post here on the IDW forums.  Thanks to Josh "God Fire Convoy" Burcham for bringing us this veritable feast of new information on our forums.